tiffany leaves her lipstick everywhere, taeyeon doesn’t mind

it’s not anything out of the blue when tiffany starts leaving lip gloss, lip tint and then lipstick on the food they share. par for the course actually.

they shared everything from the very beginning, in that faraway once upon a time where they didn’t always start out wearing make up. when they were just stephanie and taeyeon with their head in the clouds and their eyes full of stars, and the worst they were leaving on each others things was fingerprints and dropped hair on shared clothing.

so when sooyoung says “ah, lipstick,” in that tired, exasperated tone, taeyeon doesn’t think it’s all that big of a deal. she offers up her own burger, pretends she can’t finish all of it, if only to stop tiffany from making that kicked puppy look.

(they’ll bring it up again, years later on a talk show, and taeyeon will still think it’s still not that big of a deal, but she acts contrite for the sake of the camera.)

“hey,” tiffany starts.

“hmm?” the light turns green. taeyeon releases the brakes and eases them off the quiet road. it’s raining, and late, but a drive seemed like a good idea at the time.

“you.” she stops. taeyeon glances at her.

“you really don’t mind when i leave lipstick on your food, right?” the small unsure voice is what has taeyeon blindly reaching across the gearstick for tiffany’s hand, slotting her fingers home into the spaces between tiffany’s own.

she’s had a lifetime to get used to lipstick on her food, why would she start?

“i don’t mind in the least,” she assures, and she doesn’t have to look to know that tiffany’s smiling again when she starts playing with her fingers.

they’re in the car on the way to individual schedules when yoona first asks. “taeyeon unnie.”


“what colour are you wearing today, it’s really pretty?”

taeyeon looks down at herself, in a black and white combination of loose shirt and shorts, then back at yoona with a raised eyebrow. “what are you talking about?”

yoona laughs, tapping her lips with a grin. “lipstick, unnie. you don’t usually put any on?”

taeyeon’s eyebrows knit. “I’m not wearing any?”

it’s yoona’s turn to raise her eyebrows. “you’re not?”

taeyeon pulls out her compact to check. “i’m really no-“

except she is. sort of. courtesy of one tiffany hwang and the box of lipsticks she’d given her for her birthday. goddammit, she should have bought ones that didn’t transfer.

taeyeon quickly wipes it off. tiffany starts laughing from the back seat. yoona narrows her eyes. “unnie.”

“drop it yoong.”

yoona looks at taeyeon, then back at the giggling tiffany before it dawns on her.

“…unnie,” yoona says again, grinning this time.

“shhhhhhh,” taeyeon says, pulling a blanket over her head and turning towards the window. “im not here, shhhhh.”

“i guess tiffany unnie is really making good use of your gift huh?”

taeyeon groans as tiffany bursts into loud laughter.

she’s doing their laundry when she finds something that makes her laugh. at the waist of her white shorts are lipstick stains in the shade of a really deep red.

she lays the pair of shorts out on the washing machine and takes a picture to send to tiffany.

excited, were we?

she leaves her phone on the table to deal with cleaning out the lipstick stain and putting the rest of the laundry into the wash, coming back a half hour later to

those are my shorts, taetae.

well that’s not what she was expecting. although she does recall wearing exceptionally red lipstick the past week or so.

they are?

yeah. so i’ll return this question to you:
excited, were we?

taeyeon laughs. she leans against the washing machine, drops a sleeve off her shoulder and takes a sexy winking selfie to send.

u know it, baby 😉

it takes only a minute before she receives a

omfg im in a meeting STOP.

taeyeon laughs.

she’ll wait till tiffany’s in the car to end to send something racier.

the incredulous look sunny gives her so early in the morning after a late night out, is both weird and entirely normal. she chalks it up to soonkyu’s fascination with her waking up early, until sunny abandons her breakfast-making to gawk at her from the door of the toilet.

“what,” taeyeon asks flatly.

“what the hell did you get up to last night.”

taeyeon grunts, reaching for her toothbrush. “the usual, why?”

“the usual involves your neck being mauled by a tube of lipstick?”

taeyeon looks at the mirror. in it, she finds that her neck is indeed smeared with lipstick, some of them clearly in the shape of puckered lips. and sunny is smirking at her.

she squeezes toothpaste onto her toothbrush. “the ladies want me, i can’t help it if i’m hot.”

sunny sighs dramatically, turning to leave. “ah, fany is gonna be so sad.”

taeyeon laughs. “why would she be, she put them there,” she says around her toothbrush and froth.

“TMI!” sunny yells.

“we did it on the couch first!!” taeyeon yells back over the bubbles.


“babe, what is this?”

“hmm?” taeyeon doesn’t look up from her laptop and her game of sims she’d been playing for the past hour.


the sheer warning in the tone makes taeyeon look up, her left eyebrow raised. it’s only a little past lunch and to her knowledge, she’d yet to do anything that warranted such an icy tone.

she is met with tiffany in a loose shirt and black leggings, a fist propped on her cocked hip and holding out a white button down she recognizes to be hers.

taeyeon licks her lips. “what?”

“this,” tiffany says, stepping closer to shake the offending shirt in her face.

taeyeon blinks. on the collar of her lightly crumpled shirt, are multiple lipstick stains, and a damning full print of a lower lip.

“what are these.” taeyeon looks up. tiffany looks like she might be two seconds away from wringing her neck.

she huffs a laugh. tiffany looks more offended, if possible.

“they’re yours,” she says, turning away from her game to give tiffany her full attention. “i gave you that shade for your birthday. as for those prints… wednesday, remember?”

“what?” tiffany checks the collar, squints disbelievingly at it, even.

“we had that work event, and before we left, it seemed like you really, really…” taeyeon’s eyes drop to trace the curve of tiffany’s hip, down to her legs. “really liked my outfit?”

tiffany clears her throat, and taeyeon’s eyes lift from appreciating her girlfriend. tiffany raises a brow, taeyeon lifts hers in reply, a smirk skirting the edge of her mouth.

the scowl tiffany gives her in return is equal parts beautiful and incensed. “really.”

“yup,” taeyeon gets up, walking over to the laundry basket. “it’s why i wound up wearing grey instead.” she fishes it out of the basket to show tiffany.


“and if i recall correctly,” taeyeon says, dropping the shirt back into the laundry. “you liked that very much too.”

tiffany tosses the white button down into the laundry and corners taeyeon against the washing machine, fingers skimming her hips. “i did.”

taeyeon tilts her head, bites her lip. “and are you still mad that you thought i cheated on you, with you?”

tiffany raises an eyebrow. “and if i am?”

taeyeon drapes her arms loosely around tiffany’s shoulders, drawing her closer. “i’d say not to worry.”

“oh?” tiffany asks, their faces only centimetres apart.

“mhmm. you’re the only one i’ll allow lipstick stains from,” she says, cupping tiffany’s face, “like so.” and closes the scant distance between them.

when they break apart, tiffany tucks her face into taeyeon’s neck and mumbles, “i’m still gonna kill you if you cheat though.” and taeyeon – cheeks flushed, her lips smeared pink with cherry scented lipgloss and enjoying tiffany’s warm hand creeping up under her shirt – can only laugh at that.



5 thoughts on “lipstick

  1. Haaaaaawt. I’m always checking your wordpress for stuff and by gods this one does not disappoint. Almost wish you continued it a little more but if you’d done so, like as not it’d never end 😂

    1. aww thank you! that’s a huuuge compliment aaaaa.
      aha yeah, i didn’t know how to end it oops, maybe one day i’ll update it with a good wrap up :’)

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *clenches fists in frustration*

    but i srsly love your take on the whole canon lipstick thing <333

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