but i’m a creep

prompt: i’m a photography student and the light was just shining off your hair so perfectly, i just HAD to take a picture and now you’ve found it online. i’m in trouble now.

in hindsight, putting the picture up on instagram, of all places, might have been one of the stupidest things she’d ever done.

well, okay no, putting the picture itself up isn’t stupid. it was a good picture, and she prided herself on her photography skills, and her subject was a thing of God – so beautiful and wonderful, and wow that lighting was so spot on in the thick, almost honey-like way it dripped off her hair; framed the brown of it in fire and gold – that she’d just had to share it.

the caption of her gushing about how pretty she looked, eyes faraway as she was going to take a sip of her drink, the tip of the straw just barely skimming the edge of her lips though. that was stupid.

tiffany didn’t know what the hell she had been expecting.she’d photographed the pretty girl in a cafe close to campus, her account was public and she had a lot of friends from around school.

it should come as no surprise that the pretty girl was a student too, and that she’d find the picture eventually.


not on the very same day, when she’s two beers in, at fucking 11pm on a school night.

and any number of reactions were appropriate. but leaving the sweetest comment imaginable after seeing that a total creep had photographed you and posted that image online without your express consent?

tiffany read the comment again.

dataengoo commented: hey! i’m the person in the photo. it’s really pretty and wow you made me look so good here, i’m flattered! 💜💜

seriously, what kind of angel.

“fany-ah, you better had been listening to me so far, or so help me god, i will throw your phone into the toilet.”

she winced, tightening her grip on the phone in her lap.

sooyoung threw her hands up in exasperation. “unbelievable.”

tiffany sipped her beer while sooyoung folded her arms.

tiffany swallowed. “okay but in my defence, i think i might have just committed some high level social gaffe, you gotta help me.”

sooyoung blinked. tiffany took that as the signal to continue, pulling out her phone to show sooyoung the comment.

sooyoung’s expression, after tiffany had explained the entire situation, could not be flatter even if a steamroller had gone over it a hundred times.


tiffany nodded.

sooyoung pinched the bridge of her nose. “just reply,” she sighed. “say you’re welcome, thank her for being good to photograph, something. it’s not like you’re going to run into her ever again.”

tiffany blinked. that’s… true. tiffany closed her eyes. “oh my god, i’m dumb.”

“you are,” sooyoung said, looking up from her beer. “why were you even freaking out over this in the first place?”

“um. because she found me? and i look like a total creep like this?”

“you are,” sooyoung scoffed, taking a sip of her beer.


“but it’s a good photo, so you look less creepy and more like just a random people photographer.”

“excuse you, i am a photographer.”

sooyoung waved her complaint aside. “why didn’t you go talk to her anyway? ask to post her photograph or something, since you thought she was cute?”

tiffany opened her mouth to argue then promptly snapped it shut. sooyoung grinned.

“you didn’t even think about it, did you?”

“shut up and finish your beer.”

sooyoung laughed.

the very next day, tiffany discovered that anything that came out of choi sooyoung’s mouth was probably the verbal equivalent of murphy’s law.

how else could she explain being smushed up against the fucking doors of a crowded train, all but trapped into an uncomfortable social interaction with none other than the pretty girl that found her photo.

and if it weren’t for sooyoung’s words, maybe she wouldn’t have thought it safe to stalk “dataengoo’s” instagram because she thought they wouldn’t ever cross paths again. but lo, now she knew entirely too much about a stranger she was never supposed to see again. and here they were, trapped.

her neck was starting to get sore from keeping it strategically (and uncomfortably) turned away from the smaller woman, all the while unable to stop herself from thinking about that one post of ‘dataengoo’ curled in on herself, hugging her comforters while half asleep, and fixating uncomfortably on the sliver of exposed hip between her shirt and pajama pants.

if there was a hell on this good green earth, this would be it.

tiffany sneaked a peek, only to find the pretty girl staring right back.

“oh, it really is you.”



6 thoughts on “but i’m a creep

    1. Totally!! XD omg i found you moonie lol

      This story is really cute though?? Hahahahaha cute dumb tiffany… hahahahahaha XD

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