hey, darling

this straight up stopped being artist taeng au and started just becoming domestic taeny oops

taeyeon is upside down on the couch, idly flicking through tv channels when sooyoung comments “yall r gr0ce,” on taeyeon’s cheekily captioned post.

tiffany snorts, turning to look at her girlfriend.

taeyeon is in an oversized sweater and sweatpants, all soft edges and warm fuzzy socks. and for a moment, tiffany entertains the thought of fist fighting the stars to protect her. she thinks sooyoung maybe has a point, but she’ll never tell.

taeyeon raises her eyebrows in question. tiffany smiles, shaking her head and leaning in for a spiderman kiss.

“you’re going to get a kink in your neck if you stay like that.” she says, smiling against her lips.

“i’ll take that as payback for the one you got then.”

tiffany laughs and kisses her again. she responds to sooyoung’s comment after dinner with a litany of kissy faces and hearts.

sooyoung texts her an ugly reaction picture of her own face in retaliation.

it’s almost worth the loud laugh taeyeon gives her, when she shows her the picture to whine about.


they’re sat across the room, sending cute sea otter reaction pictures to one another in class when maknae replies to tiffany’s post with something equally poetic and thoughtful about love and validation.

taeyeon texts her to send her a stealthily snapped photo of tiffany’s reaction. eyebrows crinkled upwards, crescent eyes and a hand over her heart. taeyeon doesn’t even need to look to imagine it. it’s why all juhyun gets, is a shaky, out of focus monstrosity that is 78% laptop, 10% table and 5% the top of tiffany’s head.

“you should pay attention in class, unnie,” is all juhyun replies. taeyeon thinks she understands.


hyoyeon, yuri and yoona drop the gay seal, ultra gay seal and super mega ultra gay seal memes into their group chat one after another in an orchestrated attempt at being obnoxious, but sunny sends everyone into fits with a simple “Harold…”

tiffany half crawls into her lap during lunch for a sexily posed snapchat and captions it exactly that, just to send to sunny, and taeyeon probably owes sunny what – five, six crates of alcohol now?

she’ll probably have to think of better ways to thank her best friend without further damaging their livers. tiffany squishes taeyeon’s face to her chest for another shot.

maybe samgyeopsal.

“stop grinning into my boobs like a pervert and look at the camera, babe.”

“yes ma’m.”


“take me to the museum and kiss me between the paintings.”

“but they said not to touch the masterpieces.”

the room goes silent, punctuated only by the sporadic clicks of her mouse.

“…what,” taeyeon finally asks, looking up from her laptop and the assignment she had been working on.

“how are you so effortlessly smooth sometimes, and a complete dork the rest?” tiffany asks indignantly, plopping down beside her on the floor of their shared apartment.

taeyeon shrugs, turning back to her work. “you love it.”

“no question about it, but i’m still confused.”

taeyeon shrugs again. “my keen sense of humour?” she suggests.

“we’re the only ones that find each other funny.”

“a match perfect in every way, then.”

“or we’re equally boring.”

taeyeon fakes a scandalized gasp.

“how can you say that after all we’ve said and done?”

tiffany rolls her eyes. “are you taking me or not?”

taeyeon reaches to pat tiffany’s thigh.

“we’ll look up exhibitions.”


they’re quietly washing the dishes together after dinner when tiffany asks. “you’ll still kiss me when we’re there right?”

“of course i will,” taeyeon says matter of factly, handing her a wet plate to dry. “only i can kiss this masterpiece.”

tiffany can feel the force of taeyeon’s greasy grin. “oh my god, go away.” she laughs, shoving her with a shoulder.

“yah!” her girlfriend yells, teetering comically on one foot with both hands still in the sink. “don’t make me drip!”


it’s getting colder, the tail end of january warranting the use of their thickest coats and layers. the snow and cold have made the streets treacherous. taeyeon slips on a particularly icy patch of pavement and yells. her grip on tiffany becomes painfully tight for a split second before tiffany rights her. a passing uncle chuckles genially at her outburst and taeyeon automatically sinks into her scarf out of embarrassment.

tiffany laughs at the sight of taeyeon’s reddening face disappearing further into the layers of her thick scarf, nodding a quick greeting at the cheerful uncle. she waits for him to leave, then discreetly pecks her disgruntled girlfriend on the temple.

“don’t laugh at me, this is all your fault.” taeyeon grouses, voice muffled.

tiffany bumps their shoulders, huddling closer by their linked arms and shrugs cutely. “i dunno, you picked this exhibition,” she sing songs.

“you should have talked me out of it.”

“but i also wanted to see it.”

“this is the organizers’ faults.”

tiffany laughs, her breath misting in front of them. taeyeon smiles into her scarf. her face is a tingling kind of frozen and she can barely feel her toes, but tiffany’s laugh makes warmth bloom in her chest and the tips of her ears prickle under her hat.

“we can get hot chocolate,” tiffany suggests, tugging playfully on their linked arms.

“we’re definitely getting hot chocolate,” taeyeon says. she spots a cute little cafe with fairy lights in the windows across the street. jerking her head in the direction of the roadside cafe, she steers tiffany by their arms. “over there, c’mon.”

they cross the road together, and tiffany grins, eyeing the freshly fallen snow. she wonders if she can convince taeyeon to play in the snow with her later.


“you guys are stupid.” sunny says.

tiffany’s responding laugh turns into a hacking cough that has sunny tsking and reaching over to rub her back.

taeyeon is delirious and turning her head restlessly on the pillows when juhyun returns with a wet towel and a basin of cold water.

“fany..?” taeyeon croaks, voice hoarse.

“beside you, unnie.” juhyun says mildly, pressing the cold towel against taeyeon’s forehead.

tiffany clears her throat thickly, reaches out to grasp an equally clammy hand in hers.

“like, i thought you guys were stupid before, but this is next level stupid,” sunny complains, sweeping the mountain of tissues on tiffany’s bedside table into a pink trashcan with a look of disgust.


“shut up and go to sleep, taeng.” sunny shoots back in annoyance.

tiffany coughs, the sound disgusting and wet. “sorry for the trouble.” sunny wrinkles her nose.

“you better be. on what planet does two people go out to have a snowball fight only to spend the entire day running around in sopping wet clothes.” she says, stomping into the bathroom to wash her hands. “in this cold!” she yells from the bathroom.

juhyun nods seriously, expression seven kinds of disapproving, and tiffany knows she’s alone in this fight.

“and now you’re both sick and dying and we have to come make sure you don’t die. is this some kind of joke, is this funny to you?”

taeyeon groans weakly. tiffany winces when her bones creak as she shifts to find a more comfortable position.

“we’ll buy you guys dinner?” tiffany offers meekly.

sunny softens only marginally. “you’d better.”

tiffany gives sunny and juhyun a finger heart with her unoccupied hand. sunny rolls her eyes, rattling the bottle of pills in her hand.

“c’mon, eat your medicine, pabo.”

“if it’s not pink, i don’t wanna.”


“…i’m gonna kill you.”


the house is dark and a little cold when she comes home, the winter afternoon sunlight doing little to enliven their simple living room, but just enough that she can see the dust dance in its rays.

tiffany flicks on the light, making a mental note to clean the house soon. “babe..?”

she hangs up her coat and leaves the groceries and ice cream on the island counter and pads towards their shared bedroom. “baaaabe?”

the burritoed lump of her girlfriend is exactly where she’d left her an hour ago for their grocery run; in the middle of the bed, swathed in all their blankets.

“how are you feeling?” she asks, resting a hand on the lump.

“like shit,” taeyeon whines.

“headache didn’t go away?”


“aw poor baby, c’mere,” tiffany coos, bending to gather her girlfriend turned blanket caterpillar into her arms.

taeyeon makes an unintelligible sound and scoots closer into tiffany.

they sit like that for a few seconds, tiffany patting the lump of sheets and taeyeon unmoving.

“are you cold?” taeyeon asks.

“a little, yeah.”

taeyeon grunts, unfolding the seam of her blanket cocoon out from under her and holds it open for tiffany.

she shivers. “hurry, the warm is escaping.”

tiffany smiles and takes the edge of the blanket, wrapping it securely around herself. “thirty minutes more, okay? i left the groceries sitting outside.”

taeyeon wraps her arms around tiffany, blanket warmed hands sneaking under her sweater, seeking warmer skin.

tiffany rests her cold hands on taeyeon’s waist, wishing she could return the favour. she opts instead, to gently press her lips to taeyeon’s forehead.

taeyeon hums, eyes closed, and she kisses the tip of her nose. taeyeon’s splayed hands inch a little higher across her back. tiffany dips her head and presses their mouths together, licks into the warmth of taeyeon’s mouth.

“did you hear me?” tiffany murmurs against her lips.

“shh,” taeyeon replies, stealing kisses between words. “it’s nap time.”

“your ice cream will melt.”

“okay, thirty minutes.”


taeyeon’s phone chimes for the nth time at the dinner table. sunny looks at it. taeyeon continues grilling her piece of meat, humming along to the restaurant’s music.

“you’re not gonna get it?” sunny asks, surprised.

taeyeon looks up at her. “hmm?”

sunny tilts her chin at the phone. “you’re not gonna get that?”

“oh,” taeyeon looks at the phone, lit up again from another message. she shakes her head, returning her attention to the sizzling meat. “nope.”

sunny purses her lips. she rests her hand on her glass of soju, wondering if she’d need its help tonight. “can i ask why?” she ventures.

“we’re not fighting, if that’s what you’re asking,” taeyeon says simply, picking up a lettuce leaf and poking her meat and some red pepper sauce into it.

sunny raises a skeptical brow. “no?”

taeyeon pops the lettuce wrap into her mouth. “nope,” she says around it. sunny wrinkles her nose at her, and looks away to take a sip of her soju, letting taeyeon chew through her food.

“she’s just watching game of thrones,” taeyeon says, plopping a few more pieces of meat onto the grill. “and i think she got to the part where that lady blew up the chapel or something.”

sunny swallows. “when cersei blew up the sept?”

“yeah, maybe? whatever.”

sunny frowns at her. “you don’t watch game of thrones?”

taeyeon frowns back. “why should i? it’s horrible. i watched over her shoulder once, and they poured molten gold on this guy’s head.”

sunny makes a face. it was a fair point, even if viserys did deserve every inch of it.

“i thought you guys did everything together?”

taeyeon shakes her head. “nah, it’s nice to have company, but we don’t have to.”

sunny eyes her for a long moment.

“well good, because GoT is pretty rough, and you’re much too soft and mushy inside to enjoy it.”

taeyeon glares at her. “excuse me?“

sunny laughs.


once in a blue moon, in spite of every single inconvenience the world poses to a homebody, taeyeon feels the overwhelming urge to leave the house and do something. thankfully, tiffany is always onboard to go out, even if it’s just to take a walk in the park in near freezing temperatures.

“i wanna take pictures!” is her enthusiastic response, and so they went. tiffany with her chunky DSLR and lens bag, and taeyeon shouldering her tripod.

the cold air is crisp and bracing, but taeyeon has never witnessed anything more refreshing than tiffany in her element.

taeyeon doesn’t understand the finer points of photography, and tiffany doesn’t understand paintings sometimes, but the both of them know enough to understand that composition is key. which is why taeyeon doesn’t mind that tiffany uses her as a photo prop sometimes, and taeyeon gets to pester tiffany about snapping a few shots of scenery she’d like to paint.

they come to a large, bald tree, with snow lining its branches like white powdered leaves, and tiffany asks for the tripod.

“wouldn’t that row be better?” taeyeon suggests, pointing at a park path lined with similarly snow caked trees. “it gives the illusion of a white forest, at least.”

“not for the picture i have in mind,” tiffany says, looking into the digital display of her camera. “maybe later. can you go stand there for me?”

taeyeon nods, eyeing tiffany’s outstretched hand and following its direction as tiffany gestures to place her in a good spot.

tiffany looks up from her camera, then back down at it to check. taeyeon hears the click of a test shot.

“okay cool, stay there.”

tiffany clicks a few more things on her camera before quickly bounding over.

“what are you doing?” taeyeon asks, suddenly pulled into a bear hug and squashed against tiffany. not that she’s complaining.

“i wanted something completely cheesy,” tiffany says, taking taeyeon’s hands and leaning in to kiss her as the shutter clicks rapidly.

taeyeon pulls back and thumps her on the shoulder during the last few shots. tiffany just hugs her closer, laughing heartily. the camera had stopped clicking, but neither of them make a move to check on it, swaying contentedly in their little embrace.

“sooyoung’s right,” tiffany grins, pressing her forehead against a smiling taeyeon’s, her cheeks as red as her nose. “we are gross.”

“shh.” taeyeon closes her eyes, leans into tiffany with a gentle smile, their frozen breaths mingling. “don’t tell her or we’ll never hear the end of it.”

surprise, model fany is actually also photographer fany. hope you guys enjoyed it!


7 thoughts on “hey, darling

  1. You are such a talented writer. It’s a joy to read your stuff! I’m really fucking curious about how they met now. 😂😂😂😂

      1. Ey, we’ve got the openly smutty fic writer byuntae here XD

        I’m a closet clueless byuntae. Meaning I have certain days in which I want to read it and other days when I’m like, “…Wtf is this…?”

        Hello, 8moons2stars! I like your stuff too!

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