look at the stars

so here’s a small continuation for artist taeng and model fany, enjoy!

they’re out for dinner and a quick art supply run after classes today.

tiffany swings their hands idly.

the sun is just setting, and taeyeon keeps her eyes trained on the horizon with a small smile, staring into the vibrant oranges and yellows, bleeding into the shadows between skyscrapers.

someone jogs past in a neon pink workout top. tiffany chews her lip. taeyeon inhales, feeling the contentment settle as warmly as the sun’s rays on her skin.

“i’m not gay, but you look hot today.”

taeyeon, paint splattered and charcoal dusted, cants a bemused look at her smiling companion.

“we’re girlfriends, tiffany.”

she laughs, the sound deep in her throat and so, so amused.

“i know, i just wanted to try saying that one time.”

taeyeon grins, grips their clasped hands tighter and tugs tiffany to cross the road with her.


“hey baby.”

“no, i will not paint you like one of my french girls,” she says automatically, not turning away from her painting.

tiffany chuckles. she sets her handphone on the counter and pads over to taeyeon, footsteps purposely loud, televising the movement so her girlfriend doesn’t startle and drop her paints when she slips her arms around her shoulders and presses a kiss to her temple. taeyeon leans into it with a soft sigh, a smile automatically spreading on her lips.

“i don’t want you to paint me this time though,” tiffany says, pressing another soft kiss against taeyeon’s cheek.

“oh?” taeyeon lowers her brush, eyes her curiously, interested.

“no,” tiffany adds, eyes twinkling. “i want you to paint on me.”

taeyeon frowns. “i’m sorry?”

tiffany unwinds herself from taeyeon and reaches for her phone, flicking through her saved photos. “i saw it on the internet and thought we could try.”

taeyeon raises an eyebrow, resting her palette and brush hands on her knees, crooked away from her paint stained loose shirt and shorts.

“here, look.” tiffany shows her a picture of a woman laid on her front, back painted with a close cropped version of van gogh’s starry night.


“good ‘oh’, bad ‘oh’?”

oh, ‘oh’.”

tiffany pouts.

taeyeon puts her brush down to pat tiffany’s hand. “after my submission.”

she grins. taeyeon never gets tired of automatically smiling along.



“i feel oddly exposed like this.”

“babe, you’re a part time nude model.”

“my point exactly.”

tiffany turns her head to the side, leaning her cheek against her folded hands. “also, you’re sitting on me, and you’re really warm.”

taeyeon adjusts herself to sit more comfortably on tiffany, stares down at the milky white expanse of back, so lovingly sculpted by such dedicated exercise it could well have been a gift from the gods.

she runs her hand over tiffany’s shoulders, chews her lip thoughtfully, hands hovering over the cans of water soluble paint. what best to paint?







tiffany falls asleep to the light sensations of bristles gently brushing over her skin and wakes up with a horrible kink in her neck and her hair untied and strewn above her head.

“tae..?” she mumbles, voice thick with sleep.

“i’m here.” taeyeon answers, a warm hand resting on her arm.

“m’cold and m’butt’s numb.”

“sorry i took so long, darling,” she says, gently nudging her arm. “i already took pictures, let’s go wash off the paint?”

“did you use my nice camera?”

“yeah, and the polariod, and the old film one, although i don’t know how that one’ll turn out.”

tiffany turns her head gingerly, hoping to stretch the kink. “ow- it’s okay, you tried. i want eel rice bowls if you mess up.”

taeyeon laughs, moving to drape a towel over tiffany’s bare shoulders. “sure.”

“in the mean time…”

tiffany sits up, one hand pulling the towel closer, one hand massaging the back of her neck.

taeyeon grins and points a thumb behind her. “shower?”


she joins her anyway.


taeyeon had painted the galaxy in a swirl of reds, purples and blues, dotted the stars lovingly in pinks and baby blues and whites, and framed it beautifully with her dark hair exiting the frame, but the pictures from the film camera don’t turn out so well. the small polaroid takes out entirely too much detail, and the ones taken with the nice camera are just ever so slightly out of focus, but her abysmal photo taking skills are saved only by the grace of technology and the tap to focus function on her iphone.

taeyeon thinks the slightly out of focus shots are fine. tiffany, perfectionist that she is, refuses them on the principle that she knows they’re slightly out of focus.

tiffany racks up ‘a thousand bowls of eel rice, to be collected as and when i want them,’ and taeyeon can only ceed.

they post taeyeon’s photo on instagram anyway; taeyeon’s captioned with nothing but a cheeky winky face, tiffany’s captioned with something thoughtful, heartbreaking and beautiful, and taeyeon teases her about ‘vulnerability’ when she had been asleep for more than half of it.

tiffany swats her and adds two more bowls of eel rice to the thousand she’s yet to collect.


“why space though?”

taeyeon turns to look at her.

“why’d you paint space on me?”

taeyeon turns down the tv volume and scoots closer, cupping her face and pressing a chaste kiss to tiffany’s lips.

“because you,” she says, punctuates each word with a kiss more lingering than the last, “you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”

tiffany sighs into the kiss.

“…and right now you taste like eel.”

taeyeon just barely manages to fend off tiffany with a couch pillow, cackling the entire time.


5 thoughts on “look at the stars

  1. Mungkin Taeyeon tidak berhenti mengagumi, jika gadis di depannya seindah itu. Apalagi sudah cantik ditambah cantik hatinya. Hadiah Tuhan,, itu 😀 Semangat,,

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